Welcome to the KRFC club shop. We now have an online shop and kit can be ordered directly from the supplier. Tops & shorts have the embroided club badge, with Kingston RFC printed on the reverse of the tops.

Postage & packing cost is £6 per order, so it might be useful to get together with a friend or two and place one order and share the cost.

Please CLICKHERE to access the Club shop.

The club currently holds stock of:

Adult club playing socks £10

We will look to place an order for new polo shirts and training top, so please let Matthew know what you want and your size.

Adult polo-tops (£17)
Adult training tops (£17)

Please see Matthew Wickers our new kit secretary if you need a pair of club socks at training or before the game on a Saturday.

Mob: 07706 525 776

Kit is available in both adult and junior sizes. The range of kit may be increased, so pop back to the online site regularly to

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