The season has just started again with both teams looking for promotion. We train Tuesday & Thursday from 7pm – a great social setting to enjoy playing rugby and socialising after each game. All new players welcome. So if you are looking for a new club or want to get your fitness up, come down or contact Club Captain Aidan Hamilton on 07859 818 916

The 1st XV have just started back in Surrey 1, and are looking for promotion this season. However the Saxons (2XV) managed to get promoted with a superb  couple of seasons and look to get promoted once again. This season they are looking to continue their improvement and get promoted in both leagues. Down at Hook Road, we provide some of the best facilities around with: a double storey clubhouse (available to hire for wedding, birthdays and events), a weights room, physiotherapy, a floodlight training pitch and qualified RFU coaches. 



Ollie Clements

Years at club: 5



Chirsty O’Brien

Years at club: 2


Head Coach

Phil Clements

Years at club: 5



Joe Wright

Years at club: 12



Chris Ward

Years at club: 10



Head Coach





Pete Codd

Years at club: 45

Club Captain

Aidan Hamilton

Years at club: 10

Social Sec

Charlie Kelly

Years at club: 7

Social Sec

Sam Johnson

Years at club: 3


Forwards Coach

Martin Rushmer

Years at club: 7


Backs Coach

Andy Archer

Years at club: 3


21st- [Friendly] Kingston 12 XV 5 vs Old Ruts XV (H)


4th- [Friendly] Kingston XV 70 vs 0 Old Wandsworthians (H) 

11th- [Friendly] Kingston XV 19 vs 31 Old Freemen’s (H) 

18th- 1st 62 vs 5 Old Whitgiftians (H) & 2nd vs Old Whitgiftians {Kingston 2XV were given the W/O} (H)

25th- 1st 26 vs 35 Trinity (H)  & 2nd 12 vs 15 Trinity (A)


2nd- 1st 10 vs 15 Teddington (A) & 2nd vs Old Blue {Old Blues got w/o}(H)

16th- 1st 36 vs 5 Old Haileyburians (H) & 2nd 24 vs 38 Sutton & Epsom (A)

23rd- 1st 25 vs 20 Law Society (A) & 2nd 7 vs 20 Bec Old Boys (H)

30th- 1st 22 vs 19 Purley John Fisher (H) & 2nd vs Dorking 3XV {Dorking got w/o}(A)


6th- 1st 30 vs 23 Old Ruts (A) & 2nd 22 vs 29 Old Ruts (H)

13th- 1st 38 vs 0 Old Amplefordians (H) & 2nd 19 vs 50 Farnham 3XV (A)

27th- 1st 35 vs 20 Effingham and Leatherhead (A) & 2nd  vs  Caterhamians 2XV (H)


4th- 1st 18 vs 18 Trinity (A) & 2nd vs Trinity (H) {Home Walkover}

11th- 1st 20 vs 8 Teddington (H) & 2nd 24 vs 16 Old Blues (A)

26th- Boxing Day Fixture


8th- Kingston 2XV 24 vs 5 Bec Old Boys 2XV

15th- 1st 31 vs 12 Old Haileyburians (A) & 2nd vs Sutton & Epsom 4XV (A){}

22nd- 1st 45 vs 17 Law Society (H) & 2nd vs Bec Old Boys (A) {Bec Old boys got W/O}

29th- 1st 12 vs 35 Purley John Fisher (A) & 2nd 25 vs 17 Dorking 3XV (H) 


12th- 1st 26 vs 5 Old Ruts (H) & 2nd vs 2nd vs Old Ruts (H) Away Walk over

19th- 1st 19 vs 14 Old Amplefordians (A) & 2nd 14 vs 10 Farnham (H)

MARCH 2022

5th- 1st vs Effingham and Leatherhead (H) & 2nd vs Caterhamians (A)

12th- 1st vs Old Whitgiftians (A) & 2nd vs Old Whitgiftians (H)

APRIL 2022


MAY 2022


31st March 2021

We are back training now on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm down at Hook Road……New players welcome……..

21st July 2020

We are back training now on Tuesdays and Thursdays from &pm down at Hook Road……New players welcome……..

7th April 2020

And that’s all she wrote. Gutted to have ended the season prematurely but completely agree with the decision given the circumstances. A successful season for both the 1XV and Saxons squad as both were very much still in the mix to win their respected leagues with two fixtures left to play. We’ve always said this journey is about not only growth as a team, but also a club and we are hugely proud of the effort and commitment by the players, coaches, spouses, families and sponsors on and off the pitch during the 2019/20 season. Although we didn’t quite make the final hurdle of promotion, it gives the club and team another year to grow what is already a very exciting, youthful group of players. Here’s to getting back out there again for the 2020/21 season!! To everybody, stay safe and we’ll see you all down at Hook Road soon.

21st March 2020

Today the RFU announced the cancellation of the rugby season 2019/2020 with this statement:

“Today, in a letter to the rugby clubs in England, Bill Sweeney, RFU CEO, has confirmed the end of the 2019/20 season for all league, cup and county rugby in England with the exception of the Gallagher Premiership, which the RFU is in active discussions with.

The decision to confirm the end of the season was taken to assist with long term planning and provide clarity to the game at a time of continuous change.

The RFU continues to work on a range of options to support clubs at this challenging time and aims to outline these in more detail by mid-April.”

23rd February 2020

A very impressive hard fought out victory by the 1XV yesterday has now moved them up the table and past Trinity by 2 points to 3rd place with 4 very important games remaining. The 2XV weren’t quite so lucky with a loss to Bec Old Boys but only find themselves 4 points a drift from the top of the table. With 4 games to go there is still everything to play for in both league. The next home game will be 2XV against Wimbledon on Saturday 29th February. 

27th January 2020

Happy New Year to all, as we draw to the end of the first month after both teams playing a few games in their respective league, they both are sitting 3rd. With both second placed teams in each league within a win. The numbers turning out for training are getting bigger by the week, and some new faces and old joining the teams. This weekend of fixtures couldn’t be ever more important for both sides, with the 1Xv at home with KO at 2pm. COME AND WATCH FOLLOWED BY SOME SIX NATIONS RUGBY AFTERWARDS.

9th November 2019

Kingston teams have both played a 5 games in their respective leagues, and both sit near the top in their tables with 2XV to be placed 2nd and 1XV placed 3rd. It is a long season but with every game the team is growing and the bond between guys is getting stronger. COME ON KINGSTON, LETS GET THE DOUBLE PROMOTION. 

21st September 2019

Kingston teams enjoyed their first runs out as 1XV and 2XV. With 1XV losing to Old Walcountians away, letting their nerves get the better of them with a step up from Surrey 2. The 2XV continued from an unbeaten pre season to beat Sutton & Epsom 5XV. Both teams look forward to round 2 of their league campaigns next week with even more lads available for selection. 

17th August 2019

Kingston enjoyed their first run out of the season against Old Georgians. Old Georgians put up a very good performance but it wasn’t quite good enough for the strength in depth Kingston had. A great performance by all and shame about the result of the England game however it didn’t change the great social gathering after the game in the Maypole. Kingston looks forward to travelling away to Epsom & Sutton on the Saturday 7th September for their final pre season game before both the 1XV and 2XV start their league campaign respectively.